Lars Peuker - Worldwide Service

Lars Peuker – the beverage technologist

Experienced in beer, drinks and alcocol free beverages since over 20 years. About me:

  • Expert for the beverage industry with consulting and auditing engagements in over 1000 companies across 40 countries
  • Production manager for brewing and beverage technology (DOEMENS).
  • Head brewer apprentice and fellow at Andechs monastery brewery in Bavaria
  • Brew master (Masters / WBA) by IHK (chamber of industry and commerce)
  • Teacher and lecturer at polytechnics, academies, colleges and universities.

Lars Peuker Beveragetechnologist

Services based on the special LARS PEUKER principle

Independent, unique and confidential tecnical and technological advice for breweries and beverage manufacturers "from the source to the glass". Subject Matter Expert (SME) services such as chartered expert audits for the beverage industry like: breweries, wineries, mineral water producers, juice producers, other beverage manufacturers as well as their suppliers and service providers. Specially fast microbiological quality control.

The holistic approach to safe product quality in the beverage industry. For example: In several of my customer engagements, a beverage manufacturer repeatedly experienced with rare infections which resulted in product recalls and end-consumer reputational impact. This needs an emergency Ad-hoc on-site advice to rapidly come back to great product quality.

Other Services - worldwide

  • Brew process optimization and improvement of beer preparation.

  • Emergency Ad-hoc on-site advice (e.g. in the case of product recall, unclear consumer complaints, recurring findings, inconclusive laboratory results, request from food control / Urgent requests from food safety regulators or other compliance bodies).

  • Help with microbiological quality optimization and food safety management (e.g. in the event of bad taste / bad smell, sediment / cloudiness, etc.).

  • Sampling of water samples from source.

  • Quality assurance including sampling and evaluation of samples using classic and new methods, including fluorescence microscopy (Zeiss Axiolab5) for the direct detection of potentially harmful (beverage spoiling) microorganisms like Bacteria, Yeast and Mould.

  • Filling of beer, soft drinks, mixed beer beverages, water, wine, juice and other sensitive beverages / "liquid food" as well as the filling process and the associated beverage packaging and systems.

  • Production processes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production.

  • Machine, equipment, factory, plant and technical operations process assessment and evaluation (during production process or out of operation).

  • Employee hygiene monitoring and training in theory and practice.

  • Spray shadow tests on systems (outside) or with retention media or system & line tests (inside) e.g. with cleaning solutions which allow conclusions to be drawn visually (through color change).

  • internal / external audits e.g. at suppliers, contract bottlers or branches.

  • Work health and safety assessment (including e.g. PPE of employees, working with chemicals).

  • Examination of spring water resources, control of fresh water wells (e.g. endoscopy) and assistance with the operation of drinking water systems as well as the refurbishment of fresh water springs and wells including risk assessment.

  • Basic system and building inspection as well as consultancy in planning for renovation, setup or new construction.

  • Cleaning control and CIP analysis including advice for efficiency optimization.

  • Sensory tests and analysis of bad taste / bad smell etc. (by trained sensory experts and "super taster").

  • Consulting in HACCP concepts including evaluation and verification for applicability and practicability.